• This book was hard to put down and when I did I could not wait to pick it up again. -- Sea S., Kindle Reader
  • Held my interest from beginning until the surprise end...did not want to put it down. -- Bob P., Kindle Reader
  • This book was an absolute page turner. The surprising twists kept me reading it all night long. -- Verna P., Kindle Reader
  • The cinematic storytelling lingers well after the last page. -- Michelle M., Kindle Reader
  • ...my favorite part of the book is the cast of characters we meet...[They] have that blend of unique and believable that I find so appealing. -- Michelle3, Nook Reader
  • I love it when I can't figure out how it's going to end, and I couldn't with Point of Presence. -- Carly M., Kindle Reader
  • Rick Clyne promised a page turner and it was! I couldn't put the book down...Buy the book, read it! -- Morag B., Kindle Reader
  • Great twisting story brought to life with keenly observed imagery... -- M. Clateman, Kindle Reader

Point of Presence

Point of Presence

The debut novel from award-winning author Rick Clyne

A thriller straight from this morning's headlines...

Tom Corcoran has spent the last three years in the isolation of the New Mexican desert trying to put the memory of ex-flame Kelly Ulrich behind him. A single phone call brings her charging back into his life. Her marriage to an eccentric but brilliant computer scientist is disintegrating, and she reaches out to Tom, desperate to escape her husband and New York, even if it's just for a few short days.

When Tom meets Kelly's flight, she's not on it. She's vanished without a trace. Yet within hours, Tom receives a FedEx from Kelly containing only a computer flash drive and a cryptic note requesting that he keep the drive safe until she arrives. Concerned and confused, Tom waits, hoping for word of her. But when, on the banks of the Rio Grande River, he's ambushed by gunmen demanding the flash drive, Tom barely escapes with his life. In the bloody aftermath—as bodies start to pile up—Tom heads back to New York vowing to find the woman he's never stopped loving, unaware that he's now at the center of a diabolical cyber plot orchestrated for profit, power... and revenge.

About Rick Clyne

Rick was inspired to write Point of Presence after working for almost a decade in the network security industry. He has an undergraduate degree from New Mexico Tech and a masters in history from the University of Colorado. He is the author of the award-winning nonfiction book Coal People: Life in Southern Colorado's Company Towns, 1890-1930, currently in its third printing and winner of the 2001/2002 Leroy R. Hafen award, which is given by the Colorado Historical Society to the best monograph published over a two-year period.

Rick grew up on Long Island and lives in Denver, Colorado, where he's currently working on the follow-up to Point of Presence.