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2/21/2013: New Thriller, Point of Presence, Exposes Internet’s Vulnerability to Insider Attacks


Rick Clyne

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Bio: Rick Clyne

Rick Clyne has been a professional writer since graduating from New Mexico Tech with a BS in Technical Communication in 1986. He took a year off in 2007-2008 to write Point of Presence, and then worked in the ensuing five years on getting it published.

Rick was born and raised on Long Island and has called the West home since the early 1980s. He currently lives in Denver with his wife Laurie. Rick was inspired to write Point of Presence after working for almost a decade in the network security industry.

In the early 1990s, while working full time, Rick received a Masters in History from the University of Colorado. He had a lot of energy back then. He intended to continue on and get a Ph.D. in History, but after six weeks in a doctoral program he experienced a rare moment of clarity and dropped out.

His Masters thesis was picked up and published in 1999 under the title Coal People: Life in Southern Colorado's Company Towns, 1890-1930. The book won the Leroy R. Hafen award in 2001, which is given by the Colorado Historical Society to the best monograph published over a two-year period. Coal People has been one of the most popular titles in the Colorado Historical Society’s catalog over the past 13 years and still sells well today, although Rick doesn’t get to see any money from it, know...that’s just the way academic publishing works. No matter, he’s still pretty proud of himself.

Throughout his professional career Rick has worked as a writer, editor, and manager in the defense industry, renewable energy, environmental consulting, information technology, network security, and healthcare technology, which is the field he’s currently working in. Rick is aware he concluded the previous sentence with a preposition, and he asks that you deal with it.