Praise for Point of Presence

Great plot + great characters = great read.
What is on the drive that the mysterious Kelly has given Tom? Can he trust anyone with this information as he navigates a dangerous world with nuances he can't see? The plot has great twists and centers around cyber security and Tom's mysterious girlfriend, and we don't know the whole story until it comes together at the end. That's the sign of a great novel for me! But I think my favorite part of the book is the cast of characters we meet in New York City and New Mexico. Tom Corcoran is likable and engaging as the main character. The others have that blend of unique and believable that I find so appealing, especially in this genre. Give it a try - I don't think you'll be disappointed. I look forward to a sequel!
Reader89800, Kindle Reader


Cinematic Storytelling
With Point of Presence, Rick Clyne serves up a satisfying thriller with a dash of cyberpunk. Readers follow Tom Corcoran from small town New Mexico back to New York City, encountering compelling characters along the way. Clyne renders both the landscapes', terrains and intricacies of network security with deftness. His exploration of the Internet and network security feels both informative and pertinent, but does not detract from the book's pace. The cinematic storytelling lingers well after the last page.

Michelle M., Kindle Reader


Hard to Put Down
This book was hard to put down and when I did I could not wait to pick it up again.
Sea S., Kindle Reader


Great Book
I really enjoyed this book and could hardly put it down. A lot of intrigue. I can't wait for the next book by this author.
Marilyn P., Kindle Reader


Great read
Held my interest from beginning till the surprise end. Clyne's technical knowledge comes across as the story unfolds. As I got deeper into the story I did not want to put it down. If there was a sequel, I'd be reading it next. Recommend highly.
Bob P., Kindle Reader


I loved this book!
This book was an absolute page turner. The surprising twists keep me reading it all night long. I look forward to Mr. Clyne’s next installment!!!
Verna P., Kindle Reader


An excellent read!
Rick Clyne promised a page turner and it was! I couldn't put the book down and am looking forward to the next installment. At last a great description of how the internet works, and more importantly, the risks if it falls into the wrong hands. Buy the book, read it!
Morag B., Kindle Reader


Couldn't Put it Down!
I love it when I can't figure out how it's going to end, and I couldn't with Point of Presence. Things I appreciate about a good novel are interesting and believable characters, good dialog, and descriptions that make me forget I'm reading and immerse me in the locale. This book has all of those. I had a hard time putting this book down at night. I am looking forward to the sequel!
Carly M., Kindle Reader


Great Twisting Story
For those looking for total escape, Point of Presence sucks you in early on.....for maximum effect, make sure you haven't any pressing business to attend to for a few will become as obsessed as protagonist, Tom Corcoran. Great twisting story brought to life with keenly observed imagery which at various points exercises all the senses.

M. Clateman, Kindle Reader